Unique weight loss procedure leads to 60-pound weight loss for woman


Brooke Nelson, who once weighed over 200 pounds, experienced an incredible 60-pound weight loss thanks to a new medical treatment called endoscopic ablation, which targets the “hunger hormone” ghrelin to reduce appetite. Appearing on Good Morning America, Brooke shared her transformation, highlighting how the treatment changed her relationship with food.


Unique weight loss procedure leads to 60-pound weight loss for woman
Unique weight loss procedure leads to 60-pound weight loss for woman

Endoscopic ablation, developed by Dr. Christopher McGowan, involves inserting a camera through the mouth into the stomach, where a small device burns the area responsible for ghrelin production. This process decreases ghrelin levels, leading to reduced hunger and improved control over eating habits.

Dr. McGowan noted that patients, even a year after the procedure, continue to experience decreased hunger and better eating control. The treatment, tested on ten women who collectively lost an average of 7% of their body weight, is less invasive than traditional weight loss surgery and carries fewer risks.

Despite potential risks like ulcers or bleeding, Dr. McGowan emphasized the mildness of post-procedure symptoms such as cramping and nausea. He will present his study’s results at a medical conference, with plans for further testing before potential widespread availability.

Overall, Brooke’s success story underscores the promising impact of endoscopic ablation in addressing weight loss and appetite regulation, offering hope for those seeking effective, minimally invasive alternatives to traditional weight loss interventions.



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