Snakes In Plane as reptiles discovered concealed under a passenger’s trousers


A passenger was intercepted at Miami International Airport after multiple snakes were discovered in his pants, according to security officials. Photos released by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) show two pink snakes removed from a small camouflage pouch discovered on the passenger by TSA officers. Some packing material appeared to have spilled out onto a counter during the removal of the reptiles.

According to a recent update from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), officers at Miami International Airport detected a small bag containing snakes concealed in a passenger’s clothing during a checkpoint screening on April 26. Security officers were surprised to uncover this unusual item during routine procedures. The TSA’s social media post included a photo showing two small snakes found inside what seemed to be a sunglasses bag. The Transportation Security Administration confirmed that the reptiles were handed over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Snakes In Plane as reptiles discovered concealed under a passenger's trousers
Snakes In Plane as reptiles discovered concealed under a passenger’s trousers

A TSA spokesperson informed Scripps News that the passenger underwent the TSA’s Advanced Imaging Technology scan, which detected something suspicious. Subsequently, the passenger was escorted to a separate area for a pat-down, during which they admitted to concealing snakes in their pants.


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According to TSA Gulf, officers alerted Customs and Border Protection regarding the incident, and Miami-Dade law enforcement was called to assist. The snakes were handed over to Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission by the TSA. It remains unclear whether wildlife officials have identified the species of the snakes or the reason behind the passenger’s decision to transport them through a U.S. international airport.

The TSA disclosed that the passenger was traveling to a destination outside the U.S., but could not provide further details on the location. The airline canceled the passenger’s ticket in response. Scripps News reached out to Miami-Dade police for additional information on the passenger and their current whereabouts, but did not receive an immediate response.

As of Thursday, the Miami New Times reported that the passenger had not yet been identified, and the TSA had not responded to Scripps News’ request for additional information.




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