Right on Time for Mother’s Day, Offering Admiration and Gratitude


As I’ve mentioned previously, I deeply admire my mother—an intelligent woman who doesn’t particularly embrace Mother’s Day festivities. Instead of celebrating conventionally, I’ll seize this occasion to share a story that illuminates her remarkable resilience and resourcefulness. Stick with me to the end; it has an intriguing twist.

Right on Time for Mother’s Day
Right on Time for Mother’s Day

To set the scene, my mother routinely navigates New York City’s bustling public transit system, comprising subways and buses. One might initially dismiss this as routine, given the millions who do the same. However, what makes her commute notable is her age. Just do the math based on mine—she’s nearing her tenth decade.

Since my father passed away, she has lived independently, managing every aspect of her life. This includes grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and balancing a surprisingly active social and academic calendar (recently taking on roles as a volunteer teacher, newsletter editor, and student). She handles these responsibilities effortlessly, often making my siblings and me overlook just how remarkable her self-sufficiency is.

Several months ago, I received a concerning call informing me that my mother had fallen while boarding a bus and was receiving treatment in the emergency room. Thankfully, no bones were broken, but the fall left a significant wound on her left leg, prompting concerns about controlling the bleeding.

We’re all aware of the potential consequences of falls. I’ve seen firsthand the life-altering effects—they’re not exclusive to the elderly. I once cared for a man in his thirties whose entire life changed after falling from a ladder in his kitchen. This incident triggered a series of complications, leaving him permanently impaired.

Of course, older adults are especially vulnerable to falls due to various factors like neuropathy, muscle weakness, impaired balance, vision issues, osteoporosis, and arthritis. The physical and psychological toll of falls can be profound, often leading to a cycle of debilitation, complications, and dependency.

Following her fall, my mother’s demeanor changed. She openly acknowledged the difficulty of the recovery process—an uncommon vulnerability for someone typically independent and hesitant to seek assistance.

Her recovery journey involved learning wound care from a skilled plastic surgeon, gradually regaining mobility, and managing a course of antibiotics without adverse effects. The wound eventually healed, a testament to her resilience and determination.

So, as Mother’s Day approaches, I’m grateful to see her recovery progressing well. Mom, take care on those city buses—here’s to your continued health and resilience.




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