Israel is going to shut down its Al Jazeera news in his country


Israel has issued an order to shut down Al Jazeera within the country, a move that the Qatar-based news network has condemned as a “criminal act.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on social media: “The government under my leadership unanimously decided: the incitement channel Al Jazeera will be closed in Israel.”

Ofir Gendelman, the prime minister’s representative for the Arab world, affirmed that the decision would be put into effect promptly. Gendelman announced on social media that Al Jazeera’s broadcast equipmentwill be seized, the channel’s reporters will be barred from operating, the channel will be taken off cable and satellite TV providers, and access to Al Jazeera’s websites will be blocked on the internet.

Israeli cable providers stopped carrying Al Jazeera networks by late Sunday afternoon. Netanyahu accused Al Jazeera reporters of undermining Israel’s security and inciting IDF soldiers, stating, “It is time to expel the mouthpiece of Hamas from our country.”

Israel is going to shut down its Al Jazeera news in his country
Israel is going to shut down its Al Jazeera news in his country

Video footage obtained by CNN showed Israeli police and agents of the Israel Security Agency entering Al Jazeera’s broadcasting location in Jerusalem on Sunday. Al Jazeera criticized the Israeli cabinet’s decision as a violation of the human right to access information.
The network affirmed that despite Israel’s efforts to suppress free press by targeting journalists, including through violence and arrests, they remain committed to their journalistic duty. Over 140 Palestinian journalists have sacrificed their lives in pursuit of truth since the start of the conflict in Gaza.

Several Al Jazeera journalists working in Gaza have been injured or killed since October 7. Al Jazeera denied Israel’s “false allegations regarding our violation of the professional frameworks governing media work” and called on media and human rights organizations to condemn Israel’s attacks on the press and journalists.

This move comes a month after Netanyahu pledged to shut down the television channel following the passage of a law allowing the government to ban foreign networks perceived as threats to national security. Netanyahu vowed in early April to act immediately to stop Al Jazeera’s activity in the country, citing long-standing complaints about the network’s alleged anti-Israel bias.

In response, Al Jazeera criticized the decision and vowed to continue its “bold and professional coverage.” The new law granted the prime minister and communications minister authority to order the temporary closure of foreign networks operating in Israel, a power that rights groups warn could have significant implications for international media coverage of the Gaza conflict.

The Foreign Press Association (FPA) in Israel condemned the government’s decision as “a dark day for democracy” and “a cause for concern for all supporters of a free press.”

This development coincides with negotiators meeting in Cairo to secure a ceasefire and hostage deal. Progress has been made on technical aspects of a potential deal, but sources suggest that finalizing the agreement may take up to a week. Qatar has played a key role in ceasefire negotiations amid the ongoing conflict.



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