International Day of Families 15 May 2024 : Images, wishes, quotes, sms, whatsapp and facebook status to share with family


Greetings on this year’s International Day of Families! Celebrated annually on May 15th, the International Day of Families serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of family in our lives. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, this day aims to promote the well-being of families and raise awareness about the various social, economic, and demographic factors that influence family dynamics.
International Day of Families 15 May 2024
International Day of Families 15 May 2024

The theme for this year’s International Day of Families is ‘Embracing Diversity, Strengthening Families’. This theme underscores the importance of embracing different family practices within communities while strengthening the bonds that unite family members.

To make this International Day of Families special, consider sharing heartfelt wishes, inspiring images, and meaningful quotes with your loved ones on social media. Let’s celebrate the beauty of family and cherish the connections that bring us together. Check out our curated collection to find the perfect messages to share with your family today!

International Day of Families 15 May 2024 : Images, wishes, quotes, sms, whatsapp and facebook status to share with family

Life is brighter and more joyful when we have our family by our side, supporting us through every twist and turn. Here’s to you and your loved ones, who bring smiles and happiness into your life.

“Family is family, whether it’s the one you’re born into, the one you choose, or the one that chooses you.” – Unknown

Family encompasses you, me, and our children. I want to gather everyone in a warm embrace and express my boundless love for you today, tomorrow, and always. Happy International Day of Families.

“Family is the most important thing in the world.” – Princess Diana

“Home is people. Not a place. If you return to a place after the people are gone, all you can see is what’s missing.” – Robin Hobb

“Being part of a family means you’re part of something truly special. It means you’ll experience love and be loved unconditionally for a lifetime.” – Lisa Weed

We have been blessed by God with an extraordinary family. Let’s remain united and continue to love one another unconditionally. Happy International Day of Families.

“Families are the compass that guides us. “They are the source of inspiration that propels us to achieve great heights and our solace when we face challenges.” – Brad Henry

A strong society begins with happy families. Together, let’s promote unity and love among all families. Happy International Day of Families 2023.

“This is how those who love you show it: they embrace you and offer love even when you’re not at your best.” – Deb Caletti


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