Devastating floods in East Africa claim dozens of lives and displace thousands


The Kenyan senator Edwin Sifuna posted a video of a completely flooded neighborhood.
Despite its best efforts, the county government is obviously overburdened. To save life, all national emergency services must be activated.”

Devastating floods in East Africa
Devastating floods in East Africa

In one house, a group of Kenyans can be seen seeking safety on the roof, and in another, the water is nearly up to the rooftops.

Experts on climate change have connected the region’s persistent flooding to the El Nino weather pattern.

Startling images from Kenya have surfaced, illustrating the gravity of the unfolding circumstances.
Teaching at the University of Burundi, Jean Marie Sabushimike is a geographer and expert in disaster management. She said: “It have to be said at once that these floods are associated with weather adjustments that have an effect on Burundi like different nations in the place.”
He continued, “poor land-use exacerbates the impact of flooding in addition to climate change.”

The country’s economic center, Bujumbura, experienced flooding as a result of Lake Tanganyika’s increasing waters. Burundi’s 13 million people work primarily in agriculture, which is vulnerable to floods.

“We are issuing this statement to ask our development partners to combine efforts with the state of Burundi to help all people affected by these disasters,” stated Martin Niterete, the interior minister, earlier. We require that assistance.”
Due to the high water levels, the Boulevard du Japon, a key thoroughfare in Bujumbura, has completely flooded, creating the bizarre scene of rangers being forced to enter the flooded Rusizi National Park on a canoe.
Although he had witnessed floods on several previous occasions, Joachim Ntirampeba, a villager in Gatumba, close to the Congo border, said it had never been this severe.

Over 800 people have been displaced by the floods in Somalia, where four children are said to have died in the last week.
Three of the four deceased were young boys from Somaliland, and the fourth was a girl from Hirshabelle State who was six years old.
Tanzania has also experienced severe flooding in recent weeks, with over 50 fatalities reported.

The Kenyan Meteorological Society has issued a warning, nevertheless, stating that this week is predicted to be the wettest.
In addition to posing a threat to human life, causing property damage and long-term harm, there are worries that the floods may trigger cholera and diarrhea outbreaks.



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