"As global outcry rose, Israeli military targeted two Hamas leaders in Rafah and pledged investigation into civilian casualties."

"On Sunday night, numerous individuals were killed in Rafah following an Israeli airstrike on an area where displaced civilians had taken shelter in tents."

"Several videos circulated on social media, displaying disturbing imagery such as severely burned corpses and a man holding what seems to be the lifeless body of a small child."

"The attack received criticism from world leaders shortly after the United Nations' highest court instructed Israel to cease its offensive."

"In a speech to the Knesset on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the strike as "a tragic incident"."

"At first, the Israel Defense Forces stated they had aimed at two senior Hamas leaders, avoided hitting a designated humanitarian area, and implemented measures to minimize civilian casualties."

"Qatar cautioned that it could pose a challenge to reaching a cease-fire deal, recently renegotiated in Europe over the weekend."

"The IDF confirmed that there was a shooting incident on the Egyptian border, stating that the incident is under review and discussions are ongoing with Egyptian officials."