"Lizzo showed surprise and apparent excitement when 'South Park' referenced her in this week's episode, which centered on obesity."

"The rapper and singer, who provided a blind reaction to the scene, shared a TikTok video on Saturday."

"In the episode 'South Park: The End of Obesity,' which premiered on Paramount+ on Friday, Cartman sets out on a quest for weight-loss medication."

"His doctor suggests a cheaper alternative for Cartman called “Lizzo,” which seems to be given in the form of what appears to be an album."

"In a subsequent commercial for “Lizzo,” an enthusiastic voice advertises the drug as promoting a positive body image, claiming that 70% of users..."

"Lizzo lets you eat what you want with minimal exercise," the voice-over said as Lizzo reacted with surprise.

"Some patients have reported constipation while listening to Lizzo. If you experience suicidal thoughts, cease listening to Lizzo."

"Lizzo, whose birth name is Melissa Jefferson, is renowned for championing body positivity through her music lyrics and social media platform."