"The news struck hard Sunday evening: Braves standout Ronald Acuña Jr., the reigning National League MVP, is sidelined for the rest of the season due to a torn ACL in his left knee."

"Acuña is an exceptional player who has endured his fair share of bad luck over the last five years. But it's not just about him; there are few players as entertaining to watch as Acuña."

"When a player like Acuña is sidelined, it has significant implications, affecting not only him but also his team and the broader baseball community."

"One evident advantage is that the Phillies still have 10 games against the Braves, all without Acuña in the lineup."

"It was going to be a challenging task for the Braves to stay competitive with the Phillies without Acuña."

"From Adam Duvall to the reliable Joc Pederson, to the NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario, and then to the 2021 World Series MVP Jorge Soler."