Israeli tanks have entered the central area of Rafah, with ongoing air attacks throughout the city despite worldwide calls to cease the violence.

Israel has maintained its offensive in Rafah, disregarding a UN Security Council draft resolution aimed at "stopping the killing" in the southern Gaza city.

New air attacks hit the southernmost city on Wednesday, following reports of Israeli tanks entering Rafah's center.

"Currently, people remain indoors as Israeli drones are targeting anyone outside," mentioned resident Abdel Khatib.

Israeli airstrikes struck several areas of the city, including near the Badr camp and the Zourob roundabout west of the city, as reported by the Palestinian news agency Shehab.

"The military currently has command over the Philadelphi Corridor and is pushing deeper into the remaining territory, extending towards the western area of Rafah city."

Previously, Israel designated Rafah as a safe zone, prompting over half of Gaza's population to seek refuge there.

Presently, almost one million people have reportedly fled Rafah as the Israeli assault unfolds.