The Hungarian illusionist, renowned for his seemingly impossible feats, died in 1926. Unless he's found a way to cheat death, he remains in the grave.

the getaway A legacy of an artist cannot be er, managed to get away. Many years after Houdini's final breath

His name has continued to be used by musicians in song titles when they wish to convey a message about the capacity to vanish or overcome an apparently insurmountable circumstance.

The debut song from Eminem's next album The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce), "Houdini," was released on May 31.

roughly half a year after Dua Lipa released her own "Houdini." And they're not the only musicians that have used their songs to honor Harry Houdini.

Thanks to a music video that features numerous cameos and is reminiscent of a comic book, Slim Shady has made a comeback from the "dead" to drop something new.