It brought out the best in the Edmonton Oilers for extended periods of last night's game, especially the first period.

After the first session, the goal scorers were Jamie Benn and Connor Brown.

The Dallas Stars gained control of the game in the final two frames of hockey, scoring 21 goals against the Oilers' meager 13 shots the remainder of the way.

The person in charge of music at the Stars' home arena, American Airlines Center, made the decision to play La Bamba following their team's victory over the Oilers.

Whether any of the Oilers players heard that music being played is unknown at this time, but if they did

The thought of that song being played for a different purpose during the next game is igniting a fire inside those players.

"After the Stars defeated the Oilers, the music manager at American Airlines Center, the Stars' home arena, decided to play 'La Bamba.