"If you've laughed at something Bill Maher said recently on HBO's 'Real Time,' his Friday night show for 21 years"

No one escapes Maher's humor, or as he sees it, his truth-telling. He targets the right: "If you're gonna turn over your party to a foreign power, at least pick the right one."

The beauty of laughter is its involuntary nature; if you laugh, something inside you recognizes it as true.

He said his guiding principle is, "Keep it real. Don't be tribal."

Don't say things just to get applause or boos from one side. Focus on practical solutions, not ideology. And don't hold back.

At 68, Maher has targeted both the high and low throughout his career, taking his own hits along the way.

He still courts controversy, telling his "Real Time" audience: "The right response to speech you don't like is more speech, not 'canceling' people."