GME and AMC Stocks Resurge as Meme Rally Regains Momentum


GameStop (GME) stock and AMC Entertainment (AMC) shares experienced a dramatic surge on Monday, driven by the return of Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, to social media after a three-year absence. Gill, a pivotal figure in the meme stock phenomenon of the pandemic era, reappeared on social media platform X with a post featuring a meme suggesting he is “getting serious” about market activity.

GME and AMC Stocks Resurge as Meme Rally Regains Momentum
GME and AMC Stocks Resurge as Meme Rally Regains Momentum

Gill gained notoriety in 2020 and 2021 for his role in the GameStop short squeeze, which saw retail investors rallying against short sellers who had bet on the stock’s decline. His return was met with enthusiasm from retail investors, marking a resurgence in meme-driven trading strategies. GameStop’s stock surged approximately 74.5% on Monday following Gill’s post, prompting multiple trading pauses by the New York Stock Exchange due to extreme volatility.

Meanwhile, AMC Entertainment saw its shares skyrocket by 78.4% on the same day, rebounding from significant losses earlier in 2024. The rally in both GME and AMC stocks reflects a resurgence of retail investor interest in meme-driven investment trends.

The previous surge in GameStop’s stock in 2021, driven by retail investor coordination on online forums, caught many short sellers off guard, leading to substantial losses and further fueling the stock’s gains. This unconventional approach to trading, characterized by online community coordination and targeting heavily shorted stocks, has reshaped market dynamics and challenged traditional investment strategies.

GME’s remarkable turnaround from a stock that had been declining for years underscores the potential for large short squeezes in highly shorted stocks. The influx of retail investor interest, particularly through online platforms, has transformed market dynamics and introduced new challenges for institutional investors accustomed to more traditional market behavior.




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