Want quirky? The Packers might play four straight primetime games


GREEN BAY – The Packers are no strangers to frequent primetime appearances, and this year is no exception with five scheduled for the 2024 season. What’s remarkable this time around is the unique clustering of these games – four consecutive primetime matchups.
Want quirky The Packers might play four straight primetime games
Want quirky The Packers might play four straight primetime games

Following the season opener in Brazil against the Eagles, the Packers will embark on a string of four straight primetime contests. This extended run of night games is strategically placed during the latter part of the season, adding significance to each matchup as teams vie for playoff berths and division titles.

The primetime streak kicks off on Thanksgiving night at Lambeau Field against the Miami Dolphins, followed by another Thursday night game in Week 14 against the Lions in Detroit. After a short rest, the Packers return to primetime in Week 15 for Sunday Night Football against the Seahawks in Seattle, and then wrap up the stretch with a Monday night showdown in Week 16 against the Saints at Lambeau.

This sequence amounts to four primetime games within a span of 26 days, setting the stage for intense national attention during a pivotal phase of the season, unprecedented in Packers history.

While this schedule is a treat for out-of-market fans, it poses challenges for players’ rest and recovery, especially with one game requiring a cross-country flight back from the West Coast. On the positive side, late-season night games against warm-weather teams like Miami and New Orleans at Lambeau could present chilly conditions – though weather can be unpredictable, as seen in the rainy Thanksgiving night game of 2015.

Looking ahead, if the Week 18 matchup against the Bears is chosen for primetime, it will cap off the regular season with five night games over the final six weeks. The concentration of primetime matchups underscores the NFL’s interest in featuring the Packers during crucial moments of the season, despite the logistical challenges they pose for players.

Nine years ago marked the last time (and perhaps the only time) the Packers played consecutive Thursday night games, with the second game held in Detroit, much like this year’s schedule. That memorable game in Detroit became known as the “Miracle in Motown,” a moment that will likely receive renewed attention on Amazon Prime Video, especially as this year’s game falls just two days shy of the exact nine-year anniversary of the Rodgers-to-Rodgers Hail Mary (Dec. 3).

Returning to the present schedule, there’s an intriguing contrast in sleep routines for the Packers. Initially, following their return from Brazil, they’ll face noon CT kickoffs in six of their next seven games, offering a more familiar routine for players: wake up, head to the stadium, and prepare for game day.

However, starting with Thanksgiving night, they’ll endure a series of long waits on game days for four consecutive weeks (and possibly five out of six), as the entire country tunes in for these pivotal late-season matchups during their playoff push.

It’s an unusual and quirky schedule arrangement, but ultimately, the focus remains on making each of these late-season night games count in the pursuit of playoff success.

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