Lionel Messi scores twice as Inter Miami defeats New England Revolution 4-1


At Robert Kraft Stadium on Saturday night, Lionel Messi stole the show as he commanded the attention of a record-breaking 65,612 spectators, the most ever seen at a New England Revolution game and the second-highest ever for a soccer match. This proved how popular Messi is, drawing more fans than any Patriots game from the previous year.
Messi surged to the top of the MLS scoring charts with two vital goals throughout the game, showcasing his extraordinary talent. Messi not only scored goals but also provided an assist that was crucial to Inter Miami’s convincing 4-1 victory over the New England Revolution.

Messi was a World Cup champion and eight-time Ballon d’Or winner, so his influence went beyond the actual game. His arrival caused the Revolution to break their club attendance record, and the thrill of having a world-class soccer player like Messi on the field was reflected in the electrifying environment.
During an injury break in the 86th minute, Messi saluted the boisterous audience with a wave after his outstanding performance. This action demonstrated the unique bond between Messi and the supporters, who witnessed an amazing feat of talent and sportsmanship.

Caleb Porter, the coach of the New England Revolution, understood that Messi may use his exquisite finishing to swing the game in Inter Miami’s favor. Porter acknowledged Messi’s talent at capitalizing on opportunities and exposing defensive flaws, even though they were confident in their defensive efforts.
Within 40 seconds of the game beginning, Tomás Chancalay gave New England the lead, but Lionel Messi swiftly shifted the balance of power in Inter Miami’s favor.Just before halftime, Messi leveled the score in the 32nd minute by taking advantage of a goal opportunity that was less than ten feet from the net.Later, in the 68th minute, Messi got a perfectly placed pass inside the box from Sergio Busquets, and he converted it to give Inter Miami a 2-1 lead…

Messi’s influence persisted throughout the game as he added another goal to give himself a brace. With this performance, he surpassed Real Salt Lake’s Chicho Arango, who had scored his ninth goal of the day, to reach nine goals in MLS games this season.

Lionel Messi scores twice as Inter Miami defeats New England Revolution 4-1
Lionel Messi scores twice as Inter Miami defeats New England Revolution 4-1

Lionel Messi had a great chance to complete a hat trick in the eighty-third minute of play, but his shot was diverted. Benjamin Cremaschi, a midfielder, was fast to respond and capitalized on the rebound to score his first goal of the year. For Cremaschi, who was recuperating from surgery for a sports hernia and had a major impact on the squad, this was a momentous occasion.

Later, in the eighty-eighth minute, Messi demonstrated his ability to create opportunities by helping close buddy Luis Suárez. Despite coming on in the 63rd minute and having to play on artificial turf in New England due to his history of knee ailments, Suárez scored after Messi’s assist, securing Inter Miami’s victory. Due to his assist in this game, Ry Messi became the first player in MLS history to score a goal and provide an assist in five straight games, highlighting his dependability and influence on the team. With this triumph, Inter Miami demonstrated their superiority in the league by increasing their lead in the MLS Eastern Conference to 21 points. Tata Martino, the coach of UE Inter Miami, stressed the importance of playing in front of supporters who are excited to see Messi’s talent.e. While Messi attracts large audiences, Martino admitted that supporters ultimately want to see their team win, and Inter Miami benefits from the enthusiasm and community that the city fosters. Being the second-most-attended soccer match in Gillette Stadium’s history, the match will go down in history. The international friendly between Brazil and Mexico in 2007 still holds the record for the largest crowd at the stadium, drawing 67,584 spectators to watch Brazil defeat Mexico.


New England 1, Inter Miami 3, Benjamin Cremaschi goal


As the game drew to an end, Lionel Messi nearly gave Inter Miami a hat trick. Following a ball from Mathias Rojas, Messi struck a strong shot into the center of the net in the 83rd minute. But Henrich Ravas, the Revolution’s goalkeeper, stopped his attempt. Benjamin Cremaschi, an Inter Miami midfielder, was fortunately in a position to take advantage of the rebound and score his team’s first goal of the year. For Cremaschi, who was playing in his third game back after a sports hernia surgery, this goal was a big deal since it demonstrated his tenacity and influence on the field.

Messi scores second goal: Inter Miami 2, New England 1

After a pivotal play in the 68th minute, Lionel Messi welcomed his teammates with a broad smile of delight. Inter Miami defeated the New England Revolution 2-1 after Messi received a pinpoint feed from Sergio Busquets inside the area and skillfully headed the ball towards the right side of the net. Messi’s remarkable skill and clever playmaking abilities were highlighted in this crucial time, and they were crucial to Inter Miami’s victory.


The New England Revolution attendance record is broken by Messi and Inter Miami.


With an announced attendance of 65,612 spectators, the New England Revolution set a historic attendance record, demonstrating the tremendous influence of Lionel Messi’s affiliation with Inter Miami. This attendance for a soccer match at Gillette Stadium is the second-highest in the venue’s history, surpassed only by the 67,584 people who attended an international friendly between Brazil and Mexico in 2007. Brazil won that match by a score of 3-1.
Interestingly, this attendance number surpasses the attendance at any New England Patriots game for the entire 2023 NFL season, highlighting the enormous enthusiasm and popularity that Messi’s participation in MLS competition has produced. The resounding passion and support from supporters underscore the sport’s rising prominence in the area as well as the timeless appeal of Messi and other international soccer icons.

Messi scores goal: New England 1, Inter Miami 1

Lionel Messi scored his eighth goal of the season, extending his scorching run in the Major League Soccer. Robert Taylor found Messi with a pinpoint pass inside the goal area in the match’s 32nd minute. The World Cup champion struck the ball with his left foot at close range, less than ten feet from the net, showcasing his signature accuracy and tying the score at one. This goal demonstrated Messi’s extraordinary talent and poise in crucial situations, underscoring his influence on Inter Miami’s success.

Messi misses shot on goal in 29’: New England 1, Inter Miami O

Lionel Messi took matters into his own hands as the club failed to generate scoring opportunities, determined to spark Inter Miami’s assault. Messi created some space before launching a strong right-footed shot in the direction of the goal. Goalie Henrich Ravas of Revolution was up to the challenge despite Messi’s accuracy and intent, making an easy save to stop Messi’s attempt. Even though Ravas’s resolute goalkeeping prevented Messi from creating any scoring possibilities for his club, this sequence demonstrated his initiative and drive to do so.

15-minute update: Inter Miami 0, New England 1.


With just one noteworthy possession that ended in a shot being missed, Inter Miami found it difficult to generate meaningful opportunities close to the opponent’s goal in the first 14 minutes of the game. Lionel Messi started the sequence by clearing the ball around midfield to start the attack. Messi did his best, but his teammates were unable to turn the possession into a scoring opportunity.
Except for the first goal, there was little penetration into the attacking third during the first part of the game as possession mostly moved between the two teams in the midfield zone. This pattern emphasized how tight the game was and how difficult it was for either team to get past the other team’s defense and set up clear scoring opportunities.




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