“Knicks vs. Sixers: Key Points from Thrilling Game 4”



  1. Dominance of Brunson and Anunoby When Jalen Brunson and OG Anunoby are on the court together, the New York Knicks have had incredible success; they have a 22-3 record in these situations. The Knicks defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 97-92 thanks in large part to the crucial roles that Brunson and Anunoby played.
    With 10 assists and just one turnover, Brunson lit up the scoreboard with 47 points, creating a new Knicks postseason record and demonstrating his scoring ability. Anunoby, meanwhile, contributed 16 points, 14 rebounds, and three blocks while forcing crucial defensive stops on Joel Embiid.
  2. Strategic Targeting of Embiid Throughout the game, the Knicks set 52 ball screens for Brunson as part of a calculated offensive strategy. Of those screens, 35 involved Embiid’s defender. By putting Embiid in difficult defensive circumstances, this strategy made it possible for Brunson to take advantage of jump shots and drives to the basket.
    Embiid tried, but Brunson’s aggressive play was simply too much to handle. Exploiting these matchups and pushing the Sixers to adjust defensively was essential to the Knicks’ success.
  3. Rebounding Dominance New York was still controlling the boards, especially the offensive glass. The Knicks took advantage of second-chance opportunities in Game 4, scoring 21 second-chance points out of 15 offensive rebounds. Their ability to grab rebounds was crucial to keeping up their offensive rhythm and managing the game’s flow.
Knicks vs. Sixers Key Points from Thrilling Game 4
Knicks vs. Sixers Key Points from Thrilling Game 4
  1. Collective Defensive Effort The Knicks had to work together to defend Embiid, especially with important players like Mitchell Robinson out with injuries. By skillfully using double teams, Anunoby and his colleagues prevented Embiid from scoring and put the Sixers in late shot-clock circumstances.

In pivotal moments of the game, the Knicks’ defensive energy was on display, restricting the Sixers’ scoring output and ultimately clinching the victory.

  1. Closing Out Strong The Knicks stopped the Sixers from scoring late in the game by enforcing their defensive discipline down the stretch. Philadelphia’s attack was hampered by strong rotations and aggressive defense, which caused the Sixers’ fourth-quarter scoring efficiency to significantly decline.
    With the series currently 3-1 in the Knicks’ favor, they appear ready to win Game 5 at Madison Square Garden to wrap off the series. Their impressive home record highlights their self-assurance as they try to go on to the next round of the playoffs.


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