Judge gets ejected from game for the first time in his career


Every visit to the ballpark presents the opportunity to witness something new. During the Yankees’ 5-3 victory over the Tigers at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, fans witnessed a first: Aaron Judge being ejected from a game.

The Yankees’ powerhouse had never been ejected from a Major League game until home plate umpire Ryan Blakney tossed Judge shortly after calling strike three in the seventh inning. Clearly disagreeing with the call, Judge gave Blakney a knowing look and muttered a few choice words as he walked back to the dugout, prompting the ejection.

This marked Judge’s first ejection in his 870th big league game, and he became the first Yankees captain to be ejected since Don Mattingly on May 13, 1994. Judge later confirmed it was his first ejection ever in baseball, at any level.

Crew chief Alan Porter explained the incident, stating, “Apparently Aaron did not agree with the pitch and said something that you shouldn’t have said, and he was ejected. We do what we can to keep guys in the game, but he said something he shouldn’t have said… There are things you cannot say no matter what’s going on.”

Following the game, Judge chose not to disclose what was said to Blakney, opting to “leave it out there [on the field].”

Judge gets ejected from game
Judge gets ejected from game

Reflecting on the incident, Judge admitted, “I’ve said a lot worse. I was a little startled that it happened as I was leaving since [the ejection] caused a scene, and I normally try not to make a scene in situations like that.”

Judge disagreed with Blakney’s strike three call, suggesting it may have nicked the outside corner. Both Judge and manager Aaron Boone expressed surprise at the ejection, given Judge’s typically respectful demeanor and track record.

Boone bluntly stated, “I was surprised… Judgy says very little, usually. [He was] very respectfully walking away.”

Judge emphasized his respect for umpires and their challenging role, expressing disappointment that the situation escalated as it did, especially in a tight game.

Overall, the ejection was a rare moment for Judge, highlighting the intensity and unpredictability that can unfold in the midst of a baseball game.



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