Jaime Munguia vs Canelo Alvarez fight


Canelo Alvarez successfully defended his undisputed super middleweight titles against Jaime Munguia on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Alvarez, reflecting on the fight, noted, “Munguia is strong but a bit slow. He acknowledged that he could anticipate every punch. At times, he admitted to becoming overly confident but credited his experience for helping him navigate those situations. “That’s why I’m the best,” Alvarez added confidently.

The bout saw Alvarez take control from the second or third round onward, handling Munguia’s pressure with ease and responding with rapid, precise counters. Despite Munguia’s consistent offensive efforts, Alvarez remained composed and unshaken.

Throughout the fight, Alvarez exploited Munguia’s openings, steadily wearing him down with accurate strikes. While Munguia brought excitement to the ring, Alvarez dictated the tempo and appeared at ease.

Regarding future opponents, Alvarez kept his plans open. When asked about a potential match with former champion David Benavidez, Alvarez stayed non-committal. “I don’t know right now. I need to rest and spend time with my family,” he stated. However, he emphasized that the right offer could sway his decision.

Jaime Munguia vs Canelo Alvarez fight
Jaime Munguia vs Canelo Alvarez fight

Alvarez expressed confidence in his position, asserting that he could choose his opponents freely. Fans are eagerly anticipating a potential showdown with Benavidez, who has already signaled his readiness for the challenge.

As Benavidez eyes the 175-pound weight class for his next fight, it remains uncertain if a matchup with Alvarez will materialize soon. Nonetheless, Alvarez’s dominant performance reaffirms his status as one of boxing’s elite talents.

Canelo vs Munguia fight result

Canelo Alvarez secured a unanimous decision victory over Jaime Munguia to maintain his undisputed super middleweight titles. The judges scored the bout 117-110, 116-111, and 115-112 in favor of Alvarez.

Round 12: Canelo appears poised to defend his titles.

Unless Munguia pulls off a miracle in the final round, Canelo appears poised to defend his undisputed title. Canelo was clearly ready for Munguia’s aggressive style and effectively neutralized one of the sport’s most exciting offensive fighters. He handled Munguia’s pressure well, landing solid punches to Munguia’s chin in the closing minutes. Canelo concluded the fight with a powerful body shot, likely securing another successful title defense in what was an exciting yet one-sided contest.

Round 11: Munguia’s defense stands strong late

The crowd has been electric throughout the night, showing strong support for both fighters as the penultimate round begins. The pattern remains unchanged, with Munguia’s persistent pressure leaving him vulnerable to Canelo’s precise counters, which are connecting effectively. Munguia closed out the round strongly, connecting with several shots while successfully keeping Canelo at bay for the most part.

Round 10: Canelo absorbs Munguia’s punches calmly.

As we enter the championship rounds, Canelo has landed 170 punches compared to Munguia’s 131 after nine rounds. Munguia managed to connect with solid shots to Canelo’s head and body, but his power hasn’t been sufficient to rattle Canelo. Canelo remains focused on attacking the body, where he has been notably effective throughout the fight. While Munguia may have landed more punches overall, Canelo’s strikes have carried greater impact and significance.

Round 9: Munguia has strong round

Munguia launches an assault on Canelo, but Canelo stands his ground and responds with effective counters. Despite Munguia’s continued pressure and landing of several solid shots, Referee Thomas Taylor intervenes to caution Munguia about keeping his punches legal, reminding him to target above the belt. Although Munguia connects with numerous impactful punches in the round, Canelo shows no signs of being hurt by the blows. Canelo also lands strong counter punches, yet Munguia ultimately claims the round with his relentless offense.

Round 8: Canelo controlling pace of fight

Canelo’s defensive skills have been impressive, as he has consistently blocked many of Munguia’s punches. Canelo is dictating the pace of the fight, pushing Munguia back while Munguia tries to fend him off with combinations. They are currently even in body punches, each landing 33 shots to the body by the seventh round. Near the end of the round, Munguia managed to sneak in a few rapid shots, but Canelo appeared composed and in control throughout the encounter.

Round 7: Munguia pressure doesn’t faze Canelo

After six rounds, Canelo has landed 111 punches compared to Munguia’s 89. Despite Munguia’s relentless pressure, Canelo maintains his composure and counters effectively, frequently connecting cleanly as Munguia exposes openings. Munguia’s aggressive approach doesn’t unsettle Alvarez, who appears completely at ease in the ring. Both fighters landed significant shots in the round, but Canelo’s punches seemed to carry more weight and impact.

Round 6: Canelo counterpunching Munguia

Canelo starts the round aggressively, aiming to pressure Munguia from the outset. Despite this, Munguia, a former 154-pound champion, opts to engage in close-range combat. Like Canelo, Munguia targets the body with solid shots, but these punches do little to trouble Alvarez. Alvarez maintains his defensive prowess, effectively countering Munguia’s attacks, especially when Munguia goes for lower punches.

Round 5: Canelo continues to control fight

Munguia appears to recover quickly after the knockdown, but its impact may become more apparent as the fight progresses. Canelo effectively utilizes his jab, creating opportunities for rapid combinations. Canelo’s counter shots are finding their mark consistently, whereas Munguia, though still active, hasn’t landed any notable strikes. This was a strong round for Canelo, especially following the knockdown earlier in the fight.

Round 4: Canelo knocks down Munguia

Munguia remains sharp, standing toe-to-toe with Canelo. He employs a solid jab and his trademark combination punching. Despite Canelo appearing unaffected by the shots, Munguia’s punches are finding their mark. However, in the final minute of the round, Canelo retaliates with a series of counter punches, culminating in an uppercut that sends Munguia to the canvas for the first knockdown of his career. This round is scored 10-8 in favor of Canelo.

Round 3: Munguia lands on combinations

Canelo remains committed to targeting Munguia’s body with powerful shots. Despite Munguia’s use of the jab, he struggles to maintain distance from Canelo, although Munguia is quite comfortable fighting in close quarters. At one point, Munguia manages to push Canelo into a corner, but Canelo’s defensive skills hold firm, allowing him to maneuver back to the center of the ring. In the closing moments of the round, Munguia launches a flurry of punches at Canelo, who successfully blocks a significant portion of the assault.

Round 2: Canelo grows more comfortable

Canelo confidently stays in close against Munguia, relentlessly targeting Munguia’s body with effective shots. Munguia responds with swift combinations, connecting to both the head and body of Canelo, but Alvarez remains composed, countering without retreating. This was a strong response round for Canelo, landing 16 punches.

In Round 1, the two Mexican fighters cautiously sized each other up, with the action intensifying in the final moments. Munguia sought to establish his jab early on, leveraging his height to maintain distance. As the round progressed, Canelo managed to close the gap, landing impactful body shots while Munguia countered swiftly. Munguia likely secured the round with a flurry of solid punches.


Canelo vs Munguia undercard results

  • Mario Barrios secures a unanimous decision victory over Fabian Maidana.
  • Brandon Figueroa knocks out Jessie Magdaleno in the 9th round.
  • Eimantas Stanionis wins a unanimous decision against Gabriel Maestre.


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