OpenAI launches GPTo enhancing ChatGPT’s abilities across text visuals and audio


OpenAI has introduced its latest AI model update, which incorporates human-like cadences in its verbal responses and attempts to discern individuals’ moods. This development evokes comparisons to the concept depicted in the 2013 film “Her,” where the protagonist forms a deep connection with an artificially intelligent operating system.

OpenAI launches GPTo enhancing ChatGPT's abilities across text visuals and audio
OpenAI launches GPTo enhancing ChatGPT’s abilities across text visuals and audio

While this new model won’t necessarily be perceived as alluring, OpenAI highlights that it operates more swiftly than its predecessors and can engage in reasoning across text, audio, and video in real-time scenarios.

Dubbed GPT-4o, with “omni” signifying its all-encompassing capabilities, this upgrade will power OpenAI’s widely used ChatGPT chatbot. It is set to be accessible to users, including those utilizing the free version, within the upcoming weeks as announced during a brief live-streamed event. CEO Sam Altman notably hinted at the movie “Her” by simply posting the word “her” on a social media platform.

In a demonstration led by Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati and other executives, the AI bot engaged in real-time conversations while infusing emotion, specifically upon request for “more drama” in its voice. Additionally, it demonstrated problem-solving abilities by guiding through simple math equations and assisting with intricate software coding tasks.

Moreover, the AI attempted to gauge a person’s emotional state based on a selfie video (determining happiness from a smile) and showcased its language translation capabilities by facilitating conversation between English and Italian speakers.

Analyst Chirag Dekate from Gartner commented that OpenAI’s presentation, albeit brief, suggests an effort to catch up with larger competitors. Dekate noted that some of the demonstrated capabilities resembled advanced features already seen in Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro launch. Google is expected to unveil updates to its own AI model at its upcoming I/O developer conference, which could further emphasize the competitive landscape in AI development.


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