Valentina Gomez : Republican candidate who advises people to “don’t be weak and gay” sparks outrage


Valentina Gomez, a Republican candidate running for Missouri secretary of state, sparked controversy with a video where she ran down a street wearing a protective vest, proclaiming, “In America, you can do anything you want, so don’t be weak and gay. Stay fucking hard.”
Valentina Gomez  Republican candidate who advises people
Valentina Gomez Republican candidate who advises people

Jason Kander, a former Democratic Missouri secretary of state and US Senate candidate, responded sarcastically, praising Gomez for embodying the veteran persona without military service, criticizing her use of bigotry as a substitute for strength.

Observers noted that Gomez filmed the video in St. Louis’s Soulard District, a historically LGBTQ+ neighborhood.

In her tweet, Gomez tagged Andrew Tate, a British influencer, and his brother Tristan Tate, a kickboxer, both of whom face serious charges. She claimed her video featured music by Lupe Fiasco, despite the rapper’s public stance against homophobia.

In response to the video, Lupe Fiasco stated, “We are aware and currently taking action.”

Gomez, 25, from St. Louis, describes herself as a real estate investor, financier, strategist, former NCAA Division I swimmer, and advocate for American principles. Her campaign videos often feature her with firearms, including shooting at an inflatable Star Wars stormtrooper.

Earlier this year, Gomez posted a video burning books with LGBTQ+ themes using a flamethrower, vowing to continue such actions if elected secretary of state.

Her campaign director made controversial statements about LGBTQ+ issues, criticizing drag shows, pronouns, and transgender rights.

Gomez supports Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of electoral fraud.

According to Ballotpedia, Gomez is among the leading candidates in the Republican primary field, touted for her national attention and social media presence as a real estate investor.



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