Trump New York Hush Money Trial


After hearing a voluminous amount of testimony during the first full week of the historic Donald Trump hush money trial, jurors will now have a three-day weekend to consider their findings.
David Pecker testified for nearly ten hours over the course of four days, when he came to an end. Former American Media Inc. CEO Pecker gave in-depth details on how, throughout the 2016 campaign, he helped Donald Trump stifle bad articles and target his opponents with the National Enquirer.

Trump New York hush money trial
Trump New York hush money trial

Prosecutors called Rhona Graff, Trump’s longtime aide at the Trump Organization, on Friday afternoon. Her evidence was brief, and then Michael Cohen’s banker testified, signaling a change in the trial’s focus to the key records that are essential to the accusations against Trump.

Jury sees paper trail: 

The hush money case against Trump is a compelling story, but the 34 charges of manipulating business records that Trump is accused of are what really important. The trial’s outcome will mostly depend on standard operating procedures and copious documentation, the prosecution has warned.
The third witness summoned by the prosecution was a First Republic Bank banker on Friday afternoon. The document trail, which disclosed a Delaware shell corporation and related bank account set up by Michael Cohen, was presented before the jury. The purpose of this arrangement was to make it easier to pay AMI for the rights to Karen McDougal’s tale.

Trump lawyer tries to puncture Pecker’s credibility:

 Prosecutors questioned the AMI chief during the trial over the special circumstances surrounding Pecker’s 2015 agreement with Trump, which established him as a pivotal informant for the campaign. On the last day of Pecker’s testimony, though, Trump’s lawyers tried to refute his claims by pointing up purported contradictions. Disparities from earlier interviews with federal and state prosecutors were cited, and Pecker’s evidence about AMI’s admission of breaking campaign finance rules was contested.

Prosecutors try to re-establish Pecker’s credibility:

 Prosecutors acted to reinforce Pecker’s credibility during redirect by emphasizing the regularity of his responses and proving that AMI did, in fact, acknowledge campaign finance breaches. In light of Pecker’s lengthy evidence, these details might not appear significant, but the main goal was to establish Pecker’s reliability as a crucial witness. The prosecution needs this credibility because Pecker’s testimony validates Cohen’s testimony and helps tie the dots in the larger hush money plot.

Trump cracks a smile for his longtime assistant: 

Rhona Graff, Trump’s longtime assistant, testified for less than an hour, cracking a rare smile. During her 34 years as Trump Tower’s assistant, Graff oversaw his calendar and contacts. It was her revelations about her former boss that sparked Trump’s response on Friday.

Defense tries to humanize Trump:

 In his last inquiry, Bove questioned Pecker on his belief that Trump is concerned about his family. Pecker had testified that he had been a longtime friend of Trump since the 1980s. Pecker gave a positive response, stating, “Of course I do.”
Graff talked favorably of her time at the Trump Organization and her experience working with Trump, despite the fact that she is no longer employed by the president. On the other hand, it is anticipated that the defendant in this case would face much greater hostility from impending witnesses like Daniels and Cohen.

After former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker’s testimony ended on Friday, the jury in Donald Trump’s hush money trial heard testimony from two additional witnesses.
Pecker’s evidence was contested by Trump’s defense team throughout the trial, who sought to discredit him by pointing out inconsistencies. In a prior testimony, Pecker was questioned by the prosecution over his involvement in arranging a deal with Stormy Daniels and planning the “catch and kill” of a story about Trump and Karen McDougal’s purported romance.

Prosecutors responded by addressing these issues through redirect questions before inviting Trump’s former longtime aide, Rhona Graff, to testify. Graff offered observations gleaned from her long career of close collaboration with Trump.
Prosecutors then invited Gary Farro, a finance executive, to testify. Tuesday is when Farro’s testimony will continue because Monday’s court date is not set. The trial’s story and evidentiary basis are heavily reliant on the witnesses’ continuous presentation.



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