Nicole Mitchell MN senator removed from committee after arrest on burglary investigations


Minnesota Senator Nicole Mitchell was suspended from her committee duties and caucus meetings on Sunday, one week after her arrest.

In a statement, Democratic Majority Leader Senator Erin Murphy of St. Paul announced, “While the case is being reviewed by both the Senate and the courts, Senator Mitchell will be relieved of her committee assignments and excluded from caucus meetings.”

Minnesota Senator Mitchell Burglary 1980s

The senator’s responsibilities will be temporarily suspended as Senate and legal investigations proceed following her arrest on Monday, April 22. Mitchell faces charges of first-degree burglary, having informed police that she was at the location to retrieve her late father’s ashes and other sentimental belongings.

Nicole Mitchell MN senator
Nicole Mitchell MN senator

Why was Mitchell arrested?

Senator Mitchell, aged 49, was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary after being discovered inside the home of a relative with dementia in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, as confirmed by Police Chief Steve Todd to USA TODAY. This incident occurred approximately 200 miles northwest of her represented district. Mitchell was taken into custody and booked at Becker County Jail last Monday, then released without bail the following day, according to local media reports.

At the time of her arrest, Mitchell was dressed in all-black attire with a hat and claimed to police that she was retrieving her father’s ashes and other sentimental items, as previously reported by USA TODAY.

Subsequently, on Tuesday, Senator Mitchell disclosed on Facebook that she had received medical information prompting her visit to the family member’s residence.

Ongoing investigations into Mitchell, other Minnesota politicians

In response to the legal investigation and allegations against Senator Nicole Mitchell, the Senate majority leader, Sen. Erin Murphy, announced on Sunday that Mitchell will be temporarily relieved of her committee assignments and removed from caucus meetings while the investigations proceed. This decision aims to ensure an appropriate review of the case within both the Senate and the legal system.

Senator Mitchell, who represents part of the eastern Twin Cities, faces burglary charges stemming from an incident at her stepmother’s home in Detroit Lakes. She was found in the basement dressed in black, allegedly attempting to retrieve her father’s ashes and other sentimental items after her stepmother stopped communicating with her. Mitchell denies the allegations, claiming she was checking on a family member with Alzheimer’s.

Amid the ongoing investigations, Senate Republicans have filed an ethics complaint against Mitchell, seeking her resignation. A Senate Ethics Subcommittee is scheduled to convene on May 7 to discuss the complaint. Senator Mitchell’s case underscores the importance of upholding ethical standards and due process within the legislative body.



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