Narendra Modi will complete his third term as Prime Minister: Amit Shah


In a recent press conference, Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah expressed strong confidence in his party’s electoral prospects, particularly in the southern states, following the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Narendra Modi will complete his third term as Prime Minister Amit Shah
Narendra Modi will complete his third term as Prime Minister Amit Shah

 Shah boldly stated that the BJP is poised to secure more than 200 seats after the first three phases of polling, emphasizing the critical importance of the upcoming fourth phase based on positive feedback received. He predicted a sweeping victory in Andhra Pradesh through strategic alliances and anticipated winning at least 10 seats in Telangana.

Shah projected an overall triumph with over 400 seats nationwide, attributing this anticipated success to the electorate’s resounding support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, which Shah asserted would secure Modi a third consecutive term. He unequivocally dismissed any speculation of a mid-term change in leadership within the party.

Addressing contentious issues, Shah clarified the BJP’s stance against religion-based reservation policies, advocating instead for socio-economic surveys to determine backwardness across all communities. He proudly noted that the Modi government had fulfilled 92% of its election promises, steering the nation toward comprehensive progress and development while bolstering internal and external security to combat terrorism and extremism effectively.

Shah sharply contrasted the BJP’s platform with what he characterized as the corruption-riddled, dynastic politics of opposition groups, particularly targeting the Congress and its allies. He criticized the Congress-led government in Telangana, accusing it of plunging the state into substantial debt and funding its campaign through questionable means.

Further highlighting contrasts, Shah questioned the Congress’s failure to deliver on its pre-election pledges concerning farm loan waivers, youth scholarships, and financial assistance programs. He emphasized the BJP’s commitment to never relinquish Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), in stark opposition to what he labeled as Congress’s appeasement-driven approach towards Pakistan-related issues.



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