Biden criticizes Japan and India along with China and Russia as ‘xenophobic’


President Joe Biden has characterized key United States ally Japan and partner India, alongside China and Russia, as countries that are not fully benefiting from the economic advantages of migration due to their “xenophobic” attitudes.

Speaking at a campaign fundraising event, Biden emphasized that hostility towards foreigners was impeding their economic growth. He highlighted the role of immigrants in driving economic prosperity in the United States.

Biden’s comments about Japan and India were unexpected, given his efforts to strengthen relations with both countries since assuming office in 2021.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida recently attended a state dinner at the White House just three weeks ago, where the two countries celebrated their “unbreakable” partnership. During this event, President Biden emphasized the shared values and commitment to democracy, freedom, and dignity between the US and Japan.

Biden criticizes Japan and India along with China and Russia as 'xenophobic'
Biden criticizes Japan and India along with China and Russia as ‘xenophobic’

Last year, Biden welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the White House for a state visit.

The White House sought to minimize the impact of the president’s comments made on Thursday.

“The larger message the president conveyed, and I believe people worldwide acknowledge this, is that the United States is fundamentally a nation built by immigrants, and this identity is ingrained in our heritage.” Said National Security Council spokesman John Kirby to reporters.

“Our allies are well aware of the president’s deep respect for them, his appreciation of their friendship, and his recognition of their valuable contributions,” he added.

Japan has the lowest level of immigration among the Group of Seven nations, although it has been gradually increasing its acceptance of outsiders to address its rapidly aging population.

Only up to 2 percent of Japan’s population consists of immigrants, in contrast to 14 percent in the US.

India has surpassed China to become the world’s most populous nation. Earlier this year, India enacted a new citizenship law that expedites naturalization for non-Muslims from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. All three countries have Muslim-majority populations, and this law represents the first time India has applied religious criteria to citizenship.



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