Today NYT Connections Answers And Hints – April 29 2024 Solution


Continue reading for the Connections solution for Monday, April 29, 2024. I’ll provide hints, advice, and methods along with the answers to all four categories. I’ll go over the definitions of the difficult terms as we go, and we’ll discover how everything works together. There are spoilers for NYT Connections #323, which airs on April 29, below. If you want to know the answers to today’s Connections game, as well as some hints, continue reading.
Make sure to bookmark this page for a simple method to return to our Connections suggestions on a daily basis. In case you wish to see what you missed in a previous puzzle, you can also see our previous hints there.

Today NYT Connections Answers And Hints - April 29 2024 Solution
Today NYT Connections Answers And Hints – April 29 2024 Solution

I’ll offer you some indirect suggestions to today’s Connections answers down below. I’ll also share the themes and solutions further down the page. Go gently and take only the necessary cues as you scroll!


Some ideas for today’s Connections puzzle’s themes

For the groupings in today’s Connections, the following suggestions are devoid of spoilers:


  • Yellow category: Exercise-related activities.
    • Green category: Conjure up a well-known film genre in which tumbleweeds and horses are prominent.
    • Blue category: A distinguished prize recipient.• Purple category: An animal’s name appears in a fill-in-the-blank.

BEWARE: Spoilers follow for today’s Connections puzzle!

Some of the solutions will soon be revealed. If you don’t want the entire thing ruined, scroll slowly. (The complete answer is located a little bit lower.)

A heads up about the tricky parts

Although COWBOY and CARTER have nothing to do with Beyoncé’s most recent album, there is undoubtedly a category dedicated to the singer.
The roles of QUEEN and KING are incompatible.

What are the categories in today’s Connections?

  • Yellow: ACTIVITIES
    Leaders that received the Nobel Peace Prize are shown in blue. Green: FEATURED IN WESTERNS• Violet: ___ BEE


Are you prepared to find the solutions to today’s Connections puzzle? Below, I’ll give them all out.
Which words in today’s Connections are yellow?
It is thought that the yellow cluster is the easiest to understand. The words for today’s yellow group are: BRIDGE, CRUNCH, DIP, SQUAT, and the theme is EXERCISES.

Which words in today’s Connections are considered green?
The second-easiest is intended to be the green cluster. The words for today’s green category are BOUNTY, COWBOY, DUEL, and SALOON, and the theme is FEATURED IN WESTERNS.
Which blue words appear in today’s Connections?
The second-hardest grouping is the blue one. The words for today’s blue category are: CARTER, GORE, KING, TUTU, and the theme is LEADERS WHO RECEIVED THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

Which words in today’s Connections are purple?
The hardest grouping is thought to be the purple one. The words for today’s purple category are BUSY, HONEY, QUEEN, and SPELLING, and the theme is ___ BEE.
How I handled the connections for today

I instantly think of Beyoncé and her new album when I see QUEEN, COWBOY, and CARTER—a thought I believe was deliberate. However, my mind then connects the dots and I think of “QUEEN BEE” (as in “Queen Bey”), and I also notice that BUSY, HONEY, and SPELLING are associated with the word “bee.”


Next, terms associated with Western films that stand out include DUEL, SALOON, BOUNTY, and COWBOY.
There appears to be a fitness category that includes SQUAT, BRIDGE, and CRUNCH. DIP with that seems a little strange, but just to be sure, I check the other four terms. I know those are the last names of prominent world leaders, but the others are CARTER, KING, GORE, and TUTU. (Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, Al Gore, and Martin Luther King Jr.) Yes, the NYT reports that they were all awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
The remaining exercises are SQUAT, DIP (like a tricep dip), BRIDGE, and CRUNCH.

How to play Connections

Though I have a detailed explanation on how to play Connections, here are some guidelines to review:
First, go to the New York Times Games app (previously the Crossword app) or their website to find the Connections game. There will be a 16-tile game board with one word or sentence on each tile. It is your responsibility to choose four tiles that share a common attribute. Most of the time, they are all the same thing (for instance, wet weather can be classified as RAIN, SLEET, HAIL, or SNOW). However, occasionally there is wordplay involved (for instance, lists can be classified as BUCKET, GUEST, TOP TEN, or WISH).

After making your selections, click the Submit button. The category and color will be disclosed if your prediction was accurate. (Yellow is the easiest color, next green, blue, and finally purple.) You will have another chance if your guess was off.
When you properly identify each of the four groupings, you win. However, the game terminates and the solutions are shown if you commit four errors before finishing.

How to win Connections

The groupings are intended to be challenging, therefore understanding this is crucial to winning Connections. Anticipate overlapping groupings. In one puzzle, for instance, the following six breakfast items appeared: bacon, egg, pancake, oyster, waffle, and cereal. But it came out that EGG was in a group of items that come by the dozen (together with JUROR, ROSE, and MONTH) and BACON was in a group of painters with CLOSE, MUNCH, and WHISTLER. Therefore, wait to click “submit” until you are certain that your group of four consists solely of those four items.

Examining the terms that appear to have no relation to the others is another tactic to try if you’re stuck. You may be onto something if the only thing that springs to mind when you see the name WHISTLER is the painting known as “Whistler’s Mother.” After figuring that one out, I had to search Google to see whether there had ever been a painter by the name of Close, as Close didn’t fit into any of the apparent themes either.



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