Sound of Freedom review : Anti child trafficking thriller


Jim Caviezel takes on the role of real-life campaigner Tim Ballard in a film that has sparked attention at the US box office, although it’s received mixed reviews for its execution.

Sound of Freedom review  Anti child trafficking thriller
Sound of Freedom review Anti child trafficking thriller

Sound of Freedom Review : Anti Child Trafficking Thriller

Caviezel’s performance as Ballard is described as wooden, contrasting with his iconic portrayal of Jesus in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. Despite this, “Sound of Freedom” has gained traction as both a box office success and a documentary-style campaign film, drawing comparisons to the viral sensation “Kony 2012,” which aimed to capture Ugandan cult leader Joseph Kony.

The film delves into the issue of child sex trafficking, inspired by Ballard’s experiences as an anti-trafficking activist. In the movie, Ballard leaves a government agency to rescue a girl from a Colombian sex-trafficking cartel.

While the film addresses a universally abhorrent issue, not all viewers may align with Caviezel’s beliefs surrounding child sex trafficking, including notions associated with QAnon theories about elite involvement in harvesting adrenochrome from children. It’s worth noting that the film itself avoids explicit conspiracy theories, but certain elements may be jarring to viewers.

A pivotal moment occurs during the credits, where Caviezel directly addresses the audience, hinting at challenges faced during the film’s production without elaborating. He emphasizes the power of children in combating crime and calls for intergovernmental cooperation.

“Sound of Freedom” seeks to raise awareness about exploitation, though its execution has left some viewers uncertain due to its peculiar acting and ambiguous intentions.

The film premiered in UK and Irish cinemas on September 1 and is currently screening in Australia.


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