Gavin and Stacey finale: Final Episode At Christmas


The excitement of knowing that Gavin and Stacey will be back on our screens is undeniable. Co-creators James Corden and Ruth Jones, beloved for their roles as Smithy and Nessa, excitedly shared on Instagram that the show’s final episode will premiere this Christmas Day.

Following the announcement, BBC Wales made a visit to Barry Island, a beloved location often seen in the series, adding to the anticipation surrounding this special farewell.”

Where is Gavin and Stacey filmed?

Numerous episodes of the series, including scenes set in England, were filmed in and around Barry, situated in the Vale of Glamorgan. Mauro Zeraschi’s father, Marco, owns Marco’s Café, a spot made famous by the show’s frequent visits to Barry Island. Marco manages his own shop vending drinks and sweets, and noted that the show’s comeback boosted sales significantly. “Bring it on, can’t wait,” he remarked. “There are Gavin and Stacey tours every weekend. You’d think it would die off eventually, but year by year it’s just as popular.” Tours around Barry also feature stops at Stacey’s house on Trinity Street and the amusement arcade on Barry Island, where Nessa is employed.

How did the latest Gavin and Stacey episode end?

The most recent episode of Gavin and Stacey aired in 2019 as a Christmas special. Since then, amidst a pandemic and changes in leadership with three prime ministers, let’s catch up quickly. Where are they now?

James Corden and Ruth Jones kept 17.1 million viewers waiting with bated breath after leaving a cliffhanger ending when Nessa proposed to Smithy. Now, five years later, they are finally ready to unveil whether he said yes.

Fan Brian Close, hailing from Barry, has a strong feeling about the last episode of the show. He anticipates that we will discover details about the fishing trip, witness a splendid wedding, and wrap up with everyone enjoying a curry. “They can’t leave us hanging on another cliffhanger, otherwise, they’ll have to make another one, won’t they?”

Kit Marler, who was on a Gavin and Stacey tour in Barry Island, shared, “They left us on quite a cliffhanger, so it’ll be exciting to see what unfolds. Many of us, myself included, are eager to find out.”

Gavin and Stacey finale Final Episode At Christmas
Gavin and Stacey finale Final Episode At Christmas

“What do I think will happen? I believe Nessa and Smithy will end up together. A happy ending,” Marler added.

As for memorable scenes, such as the KFC bucket moment or Bryn and Nessa’s duet, the show has had its fair share of comedic highlights.

Seventeen-year-old Ellie May, visiting Barry Island from Lincolnshire, expressed her favorite moments: “I adore the scene where Smithy and Nessa share the KFC bucket, it’s the best. Or when Nessa and Bryn sing ‘Islands in the Stream,’ that’s a classic. And when Gavin leaps over the line to get Stacey. I cherish them all.”


Which characters will return – and who will be absent?


The upcoming episode is set to feature a reunion of most of the original cast members. Naturally, Mathew Horne will return as Essex lad Gavin alongside Joanna Page as his Welsh wife Stacey. And of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without Nessa, Uncle Bryn, “Pamelaaaar,” and Smithy.

It’s been since 2019 that we last caught up with these beloved characters. Will Dave from Dave’s Coaches make a comeback, especially after Nessa called off their wedding and proposed to Smithy instead?

What about Neil, the baby?

Many fans are eagerly anticipating the return of Baby Neil, the son of Smithy and Nessa, portrayed by Oscar Hartland. Baby Neil was born at the end of series two and made a memorable appearance as an 11-year-old in the 2019 Christmas special.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio Wales, Hartland expressed his excitement but did not confirm his involvement in this year’s finale, stating he would “love to” return. Reflecting on the news of a potential comeback, Hartland admitted it came as “a bit of a shock.”

“We weren’t so sure. Time passed, and the speculation died down. We all thought, ‘OK, I doubt there’s going to be another one now’,” he shared.

Hartland revealed that his friends at school and even his teachers had been asking him about the show’s return consistently. He considers himself “very lucky” to have landed the role initially.

“It didn’t really sink in what I’d accomplished until after we finished filming,” he reflected.

What happened on the fishing trip?

Since its debut in 2007, fans of the show have been speculating and theorizing about the mysterious event involving Uncle Bryn and his nephew Jason. Now, after captivating viewers for 17 years, could we finally learn the truth?

Throughout the series, the show has dropped intriguing hints about this enigmatic incident. Here’s what we’ve gathered so far:

  • Jason assured his uncle that whatever occurred is “perfectly legal in this country.”
  • Bryn confided in Dave from Dave’s Coaches, who, upon seeing Bryn with a soup, remarked, “Seeing you standing there with a soup, it sets my mind racing, you know?”
  • Dave added, “It’s a physical impossibility. It defies gravity,” further deepening the mystery.

In the last Christmas special, Bryn and Jason were on the verge of revealing the whole story to the family when they were interrupted.

Now, as anticipation builds, will we finally uncover the truth behind this long-standing mystery?


Is this truly the final episode of Gavin and Stacey ever?


In August, Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb, known for their roles as Gavin’s parents Mick and Pam, shared their thoughts on the possibility of another full series of the show, deeming it “too draining.” However, they expressed openness to another Christmas special.

“A special would be great fun and it wouldn’t be too draining and exhausting,” Steadman mentioned in an interview with Radio Times.

Lamb echoed this sentiment, stating, “A one-hour special, which is three weeks of really intense work, that will do me.”

Following the announcement of the new Christmas special, Mauro from Marco’s cafe on Barry Island commented, “I think this will be the last one. They’d be silly to do any more. End on a high note; it’s best not to extend it too far.



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