Amanda Seales muses on friendship with ‘Insecure’ co-star Issa Rae, talks rumored feud


Regarding her connection with former co-star Issa Rae, Amanda Seales is being candid.
Seales, who costarred with Rae in the HBO comedy “Insecure,” talked about the supposed conflict between the two actresses on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast on Wednesday.

Amanda Seales muses on friendship with 'Insecure' co-star Issa Rae
Amanda Seales muses on friendship with ‘Insecure’ co-star Issa Rae

“I’ve never discussed this in public because I’ve always placed a high value on protecting Issa. Seales said to anchor Shannon Sharpe, “Because I know that Issa is doing something within this business that so few people get to do.” “I have no desire to sign a $100 million production deal. I don’t want that kind of life for myself. But I am aware of how crucial her function is.”

Seales claimed that hostility between Rae and her started when Rae’s publicist, Vanessa Anderson, allegedly displayed hostility against her at a 2018 “Black Emmys party.” Seales claimed that she told Rae that Anderson had a “problem” with her, but Rae allegedly declined to respond.


Amanda Seales alleges Issa Rae’s Publicist Uninvited Her From Enterprise Party


Seales went to the following “Black Emmys party” in 2019. The “Get Your Life” actress claimed she was turned away from the event even though she had been invited since her name was missing from the list of approved guests.
Elijah Kelley, a friend and fellow actor, helped Seales gain entry to the party. Seales claimed, however, that security personnel later removed her out of the event at Anderson’s request—and Anderson was supposedly one of the event coordinators. The actress went on to say that while being escorted, one of the security personnel allegedly abused her.

Seales claimed that after the incident, Rae got in touch with her. “Hey, look what happened this weekend,” she stated to me over the phone. Seales stated, “I just want you to know I have nothing to do with it. Rae requested me to talk to Anderson.
In a phone call with Anderson, Seales said the publicist told her that the reason she had Seales removed from the party was because she didn’t like her. The “Insecure” actress claimed that after that, Anderson launched a “smear campaign” against her in the press, claiming that Seales got into a fight at the function and was also “in danger” of losing her job on the HBO series.

In a follow-up conversation with Rae, Seales claimed she brought up the matter of Rae’s lack of involvement in the conflict, but to no avail.
“Listen, I’m not saying there will be an issue on set, but I do believe it is an issue that you don’t feel like you need to step in to solve,” Seales recalled. “Then she said, ‘Well, then we just differ in viewpoint.'” It’s just the two of you.

Amanda Seales Calls Out The “false” Story Of Her Dispute With Issa Rae From “Insecure”


Seales stated at the same time as she initially felt protecting of Rae throughout their time operating together, this considerateness backfired on her and led to rumors of terrible conduct on the set of “Insecure.”
” People have an entire, wholly untrue narrative that they carry in their hands,” said Seales. “They maintain saying that i’m this mean woman on this set, that I harmed these human beings on this set.”
but, Seales said the strength dynamic between her and Rae (co-creator of “Insecure”) made the alleged on-set drama not likely.
“I do not actually have the capacity to be the mean woman here ‘cause you may fire me,” Seales said. “So, there is no manner for me to be a mean female in this situation. and i realize some human beings which could buck up towards, like, the affirmation bias that they have created, but it absolutely is the truth.”
Seales additionally alleged that news of her dispute with Anderson caused her to be alienated by means of the display’s production workforce. “every person knows what is occurring. They don’t say nothing to me. and that’s just (expletive) imply,” she stated.
Seales said she stopped speaking with Rae toward the give up of the collection’ run. whilst Sharpe pointed out that “Insecure” guest actor Lil Rel Howery stated the female empowerment of Rae’s paintings fashion, Seales disagreed.
“She wasn’t empowering to me,” Seales said. “She failed to sense like I deserved to be covered. i’m best giving a portion of the scenario. but that turned into my revel in. And though, i’ve still constantly protected her because I felt find it irresistible changed into my duty to accomplish that. however it is not.”


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